Underwater diving in Santa Catarina: Spots, places and tips
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Underwater diving in Santa Catarina: Spots, places and tips

Underwater diving in Santa Catarina has been gaining more and more fans lately. There are a lot of places to practice underwater diving in Santa Catarina for all ages and styles, from snorkeling to divers with more experience.

Florianópolis is one of the best places to practice underwater diving in Santa Catarina. The city has crystal clear water of 71,6 ºF average temperature, from 10 to 25 meters depth, and rich marine life.

Santa Catarina coastline presents the best places and sports for underwater diving in the south region of Brazil.

Underwater Diving in Santa Catarina


  • Diving baptism

It’s the first experience of underwater diving. It’s a good option for those who want to get to know seabed without diving lessons.

  • Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a technique to see aquatic species without air cylinder. It’s a non-professional underwater diving style, no need experience, where divers use only snorkel mask and flippers.

  • Professional

Underwater diving with accredited divers and air cylinder.

What To Bring
  • Towels
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Snacks (such as fruits and cereal bars)
  • Clothes
  • Bottle of water

Places and spots

  • Florianópolis

Arvoredo Island

It’s one of the former islands of  Reserva Biológica Marinha do Arvoredo (loosely translated, Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve). Arvoredo is considered as one of the best spots for underwater diving not only in Santa Catarina but in Brazil. The island has a great variety of marine life and marine animals such as grouper, whiting fish, anchovy, turtle, stingray and much more. The visibility can reach 15 meters during summer.

To get there it is necessary to take a boat trip, lasting 1h30min. Arvoredo has many dive spots, which are chosen according to the instructional team and wind conditions. The boats depart every day during Brazilian summer, Saturdays, and Sundays during the rest of the year, from Florianópolis and Bombinhas. It’s possible to make a prior reservation.

Some areas of Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve are prohibited for fishing and underwater diving according to a Brazilian Federal Decree Nº 99.142/1990. The same thing for spots such as Calhau de São Pedro and Galé.

Aranhas Island

It’s formed for two islets, Aranha Grande and Aranha Pequena, located on the northeast coast of Florianópolis, between Santinho Beach and Moçambique Beach. In Aranhas there are no beaches, but the two islets have seven crevice where is possible to dive. Professional divers can reach till 30 meters deep in certain points. The visibility varies a lot, the best conditions are when the undulation comes from the south, clearing up the water and keep it with superior temperature.

Xavier Island

It’s in front of Mole Beach. The island is protected from the east wind but has strong currents depending on the day. The depth varies between from 5 to 18 meters. The fishes are concentrated in the south part of Xavier.

Near Xavier Island, there are two islets with stones around and it’s where Atuneiro Alalunga VII sank in January of 2008. The islets have rock walls of 30 meters. It’s a place of strong currents depending on the day.

Campeche Island

We already talked about Campeche Island here on the blog. Campeche has clear water and a great variety of marine life. The dive is usually near the main beach where the depth varies between from 3 to 8 meters.

Mata-Fome Island

It’s located in front of Ingleses Beach, the perfect place for beginners in underwater diving. There is no much depth, something around 12 meters, and it’s possible to see lots of colored fishes and corals.

In its northern tip, there is a rocky wall that extends for 18 meters deep. The south undulation provides a better visibility but as it is close to the coast, some days with big undulations the water gets agitated and with no visibility, even dangerous.

Lagoinha do Norte Beach

Near the rocky shore, the sea gets calm and crystal clear, good conditions for snorkeling.

The shipwrecked fishing boat of Ingleses

In front of Ingleses Beach, there is a shipwrecked fishing boat that houses lots of marine species that provides a breathtaking underwater diving. But care must be taken as the shipwrecked fishing boat has iron tips and mud. So it’s necessary a day of good visibility and it’s not recommended enter the ship cause any distraction might take to disorientation and a full darkness area. The depth is 7 meters.

  • Bombinhas

For tourism, Bombinhas is known as Brazilian capital of eco underwater diving. Clear water beaches and white sand attracts tourists all year, especially in summer. There are many underwater diving styles to practice in Bombinhas, for all ages and levels of experience.

Bombinhas has 60% of its area surrounded by Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve, the only marine reserve in the south region of Brazil. A great part of the municipality is of permanent preservation.

The best beaches in Bombinhas to practice underwater diving are Sepultura, Lagoinha, Biguá and the left rocky shore of Quatro Ilhas Beach. Even in the shallow, it’s possible to see fishes and crustaceans. There are a few natural pools where it’s possible to snorkeling as well.


Macuco Island

The Orion Ship sank in 1912 near the Macuco Island, in Mariscal cove, and till nowadays intrigues the divers. The depth varies between from 2 to 11 meters and the water doesn’t have that much visibility, but it’s still an interesting place to dive.

  • Porto Belo Island

Porto Belo has 6 water trails that lead divers to the main points of marine life observation. Everyone can do it with a little help of local monitors, even children and people with no experience with underwater diving.


  •  Garopaba

Coral Islands, Moleques do Sul and Siriú Islet

These are the best spots for underwater diving practice in Garopaba. There are options for baptism diving and lessons for those who want to improve.


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