Florianópolis trails: adventures and exclusive places
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Florianópolis trails: adventures and exclusive places

For those who are willing and like outdoor activities, surely will enjoy Florianópolis trails. The trails that take to exclusive places in Floripa were open by indigenous people and used since XVI century. Florianópolis trails have been gaining more attention from tourists because it’s good for the body, mental health and it’s an exciting way to explore the island.

In an itinerary of 7 days, it’s possible to walk a trail per day. Each trail has special characteristics with different levels of difficulty. Here is some trail options:

Naufragados Beach

It’s a beach on the south end of Floripa. The only way to get there is by a one-way trail passing through Atlantic Forest, streams, and small waterfalls. You can back by boat ride if you want except when the sea conditions aren’t good. Naufragados it’s a famous beach because in XVII century was dreaded by navigators and at least 11 ships sank there.  From Naufragados is possible to see the Fortaleza de Nossa Senhora da Conceição (Nossa Senhora da Conceição Fortress) and the mainland.

Holandeses em Naufragados
Dutch in Naufragados

Pedra da Boa Vista

In the east of the island, there is a 4 km trail that connects Barra da Lagoa to Mole Beach. At the beginning of the trail there is a local community, then a path through coast until reaching a natural and beautiful 360° overlook.

Vista para a Praia da Galheta
Florianópolis trails: Galheta Beach

Costa da Lagoa

Still on the eastern side of the island, there is a community called Costa da Lagoa. There are only 2 options: by boat or by trail. It’s a 5km and tiresome trail, so be ready! At the end you can swim in a waterfall, buy local artcraft and go to the restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine. The return can be done by boat and takes 45 minutes to arrive in Lagoa da Conceição neighborhood.


Costa da Lagoa
Florianópolis trails: Saquinho da Costa da Lagoa

Lagoinha do Leste

It’s a tiring walk, but rewarding. There are 2 points from where you can start the trail. It is recommended let a full day just for this trail and walk in a slow place to contemplate all the wonders of nature. There is steep points and natural stairs without infrastructure so it must be careful. The trail is only recommended for who is healthy and used to physical exertion.

Florianópolis trails: Lagoinha do Leste

Lagoa do Peri

The biggest Santa Catarina freshwater lagoon is in Florianópolis, in Lagoa do Peri City Park. The park is habitat for otters, fishes, monkeys, birds and has some trails of an easy level. One of the trails takes to a beautiful waterfall.

Campeche Island

You can read more about Campeche here. The island has 6 trails but they are only allowed if accompanied by environmental monitors.

Forte Beach 

The trail connects Jurerê Internacional to Praia do Forte. It’s a short easy-level trail, takes less than 1 hour to reach the end. From its highest point, you can see Anhatomirim Island and Ratones Island, two important places of Santa Catarina history.

If you want to go to Floripa, don’t forget: the most beautiful places can be reached just walking.