Honeymoon in Santa Catarina: Exciting, Charming & Extreme
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Honeymoon in Santa Catarina: Exciting, Charming & Extreme

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Discover destinations for honeymoon in Santa Catarina! The honeymoon destination is one of the most important points when planning a wedding. Many people want to find the perfect place and enjoy newly married moments next to their love. To find an unforgettable place you don’t have to go that far since Brazil has lots of breathtaking sceneries, which annually attract couples from all over the world to our country.

Santa Catarina is a state especially rich in natural beauties with a diversity of landscapes. The state of Brazilian south region gathers a lot of nature, different cultures, local cuisine, historical architecture, parties, and sports.

Honeymoon in Santa Catarina: Charming, Exciting & Extreme

Exciting destinations

World reference, Balneário Camboriú is known as one of the most exciting cities in Brazilian south region. The city’s modern skyscrapers and upscale restaurants contribute to its effervescent climate. There are those who compare Balneário Camboriú as a smaller version of Copacabana.

Florianópolis is another reference when it comes to exciting cities. Jurerê Internacional, in the north of the island, is known mainly for its fancy beach clubs during the day and nightclubs after the sun goes down. Also in the north of the island, the award-winning Costão do Santinho resort is a good option for those who like to have everything in one place, such as ecological walks, full leisure facilities, and all meals included.

Balneário Camboriú and Florianópolis

Charming coastline

For couples looking for something more exclusive, Santa Catarina coastline is a perfect choice. Santa Catarina beaches are well sought after and famous throughout South America, but some escape from all the bustle and keep their relaxing essence. This is the case of Brava Beach in Itajaí city and Estaleiro Beach in Balneário Camboriú.

Brava Beach and Estaleiro Beach

Ponta dos Ganchos Resort and Praia do Rosa (Rosa Beach) are referenced as best romantic places in Brazil. Ponta dos Ganchos is a resort located in Governador Celso Ramos town, winner of the Best Romantic Place in South America 2014 award by Traveler’s Choice TripAdvisor and ranked among the top 10 romantic hotels in Brazil, also by TripAdvisor, in 2013. While Rosa Beach is one of the favorite places for weddings and honeymoon in Santa Catarina.

Ponta dos Ganchos and Rosa Beach

In Florianópolis, Santo Antônio de Lisboa neighborhood is perfect for a romantic stroll. With historical architecture, restaurants and flea market facing the beach, Santo Antônio has a great view of the North Bay and the mainland. On sunny days, the neighborhood is privileged with a unique sunset.

Charming cold of Santa Catarina

Winter and low temperatures are the perfect conditions for romance with fireplaces, delicious food, wines and breathtaking landscapes. And nothing better than Serra Catarinense to inspire love on honeymoon in Santa Catarina. Among the destinations, the highlight goes for Urubici. The town has a quiet village climate surrounded by stunning nature and great accommodation options. Morro da Igreja (loosely translated, Church Hill) is considered the coldest peak in Brazil. The nearby city, Bom Jardim da Serra, is a town that attracts attention by its amazing view of the whole Serra do Rio do Rastro with wild curves in the middle of the native forest. Bom Jardim is also known as the Water Capital of Santa Catarina because has 18 springs and more than 30 waterfalls.

Bom Jardim da Serra and Morro da Igreja

Further south of the state (on the border with the state of Rio Grande do Sul), wine, typical colonial coffee, charming and exquisite accommodations, and beautiful landscapes can be found in Cânions do Aparados da Serra (Aparados da Serra Canyons).

Charming historical honeymoon

The historical tourist routes of Santa Catarina attract tourists all year round. For couples interested in history, most destinations can match lots of culture, architecture and beautiful sceneries.

Laguna is the perfect option. The town of Anita Garibaldi (who is Anita Garibaldi?) has about 600 historic buildings listed as cultural heritage. Besides, there is the Farol de Santa Marta, a lighthouse with a quiet village nearby, with dunes, native vegetation and nice beaches on the background

If the couple prefers rural climate than beaches, the Vale Europeu (European Valley) makes the tourist feel in European cities. The immigrants’ heritage is easily identified in the architecture, gastronomy, and local breweries. A place with beautiful waterfalls, valleys and a very quiet climate of a typical village in Europe. Highlights for the towns Timbó and Pomerode, and the famous Blumenau city.

Statue of Anita Garibaldi in Laguna and Pomerode

Extreme Honeymoon

In Santa Catarina, there is no shortage of options for sports in nature. To the wild couples, Porto Belo and Bombinhas are super suitable for sailing on clear seas, underwater diving and much more. You can also visit Cacao Beach and Tainha Beach if you enjoy trails and contact with nature.

Galé Island, Deserta Island and Arvoredo Island are places for underwater diving as well.

Florianópolis is recommended for surf, rafting, stand-up paddle, mountain bike, and other outdoor activities.