Travel information for RD Summit
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Travel information for RD Summit


Scheduled for November 7th, 08th and 9th, the expectation is that more than 60% of the public that will attend the RD Summit 2018 will come from other regions of Brazil and the world to Florianópolis, the so-called “Silicon Island”.

That means more than 5,000 people are looking for the same type of product: cheaper airfares and accommodations near the event.

But how do you ensure the best value for your trip? In this post you will find the top tips to plan your trip and enjoy the biggest event of marketing and sales!

What to expect from the RD Summit 2018?

Who participated in the last edition was delighted with the dimension that the event won. There were 150 speakers, several exhibitors and more than 8,000 participants from various places in Brazil and the world.

The structure of the event allows you to learn more about content marketing, SEO, sales (inbound and outbound), technologies, branding, among many other topics that are covered by today’s biggest names in digital marketing and sales.

Therefore, the RD Summit is an incredible opportunity for professionals from different segments to perfect their strategies, as well as boost their networking and find new partners.

Organizing the trip to the RD Summit

A basic rule of supply and demand that we all know is: the greater the demand for a particular product, the greater its value.

In the case of RD Summit, we are talking about more than 5,000 people looking for the same type of product: cheaper airfares and accommodations near the event.

Our best tip for you to save money and ensure the best locations to stay is: plan your trip in advance.

I say this because just like ticket sales happen in batches and vary according to it, so do airline tickets and lodging.

So, make sure of these three steps before:

  1. Buy your tickets as soon as you are ready to attend the event.
  2. Guarantee your lodging.
  3. Plan your transportation to the RD Summit.

Below you will find best practices for this organization. Check out:

Purchase of tickets and transportation for the RD Summit

Airline tickets

Remember I said planning is key to saving? So let me give you a practical example of this:

  • 01: values ​​for a trip from São Paulo to Florianópolis purchased less than 1 week in advance: R $ 760,00;
  • 02: values ​​searched for the days of RD Summit 2018 on the day this post was written: R $ 335.00;

The difference of value exemplified in the simulation above is $ 425.00, which can be used to stay another day in the city and enjoy to do walks in Florianópolis, or bring another person from your company.

An important recommendation is to arrive at least one day before. This way you can do your registration in advance at the points indicated by the Digital Results, rest and prepare for more than 10 intense hours of event.

As the RD Summit partner travel agency, our main goal is to make your trip as comfortable and cost-effective as possible.

Therefore, we offer discounts of up to 20% on the value of air tickets, with the main companies of the country and coming from any region of Brazil.

Tip: Canceling or redialing an airfare is less expensive than buying a ticket at the time of day.

Transportation to RD Summit

Whoever was in the 2017 edition saw the size of the queue to get to the event and even to get out of it.

This traffic flow problem directly reflects the dynamic tariff of services such as UBER or the TAXI flag, making these services more expensive.

An interesting option is to purchase the ticket of the RD Shuttle, buses and vans that make the route between main hotels and the place of the event during the morning and after the event. This avoids spending on parking, taxis, and UBER’s dynamic fares.

Airport – Hotel

Another service offered by Apino to participants and speakers of the RD is transportation from the airport to the hotel.

We provide vehicles with scheduled departures every 20 minutes to major hotels in the city.

That is, when you disembark, our team will be waiting for you to indicate the next time, which hotel it will go to, among other questions you may have.

What is the best neighborhood in Floripa to stay?

There are many hotels, hostels and other means of lodging in Florianópolis, but it is very important to know how the city works so as not to fall into a trap.

For example, the traffic to enter the island is heavy every day, so the ideal would be to avoid searching for accommodations in the mainland of Florianópolis. Unless you want to leave early to get to the South Center, where the RD Summit will take place.

The central region is the best option to stay for those seeking more convenience and practicality. The main neighborhoods are: Centro, Trindade, Itacorubi, Pantanal and João Paulo.

In addition to securing a few more minutes to sleep, have an enhanced breakfast and go to the event, you will also be able to come back faster.

Traveling with the team to the RD Summit

If you want to bring your entire team have a close attention to planning. Combine everything in advance and know the maximum amount that the company will make available for the trip.

That way, you can define the best options to save money and ensure more comfort for everyone who will be moving to the event.

A cool case we have about group travel was that of Rock Content that brought 80 employees from Belo Horizonte to the RD Summit 2017.

We arrange the purchase of round-trip air tickets, as well as the definition of transportation and the rental of accommodation for the whole group.

If you want to talk to one of our experts to know the best options for your group, sign up for this link.

Arriving in Floripa

For those arriving with a day in advance, you can check in at the hotel and go to the South Center or in the possible alternative points to make your pre-accreditation.

The accreditation on the day of the event is held between 8 and 9 o’clock in the morning but, who is already accredited, can arrive at 9 o’clock and enter directly.

What to do in Florianópolis in November?

Post-event guide for the RD Summit

If you want to enjoy the days that will be in Florianópolis to get to know the city, be sure to check out our post-event guide for RD Summit participants.

We have selected the best restaurants, pubs and ballads for you to organize your post-event programming.

Soon we will launch a special leisure program for the RD Summit 2018, with happy hours at the seaside, boat trips, scenic walks and other activities with limited vacancies.