Tourism in Santa Catarina: South of Brazil is my destination
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Tourism in Santa Catarina: South of Brazil is my destination

Tourism in Santa Catarina will gain more attention with the new national media campaign “O Sul é meu destino” (loosely translated, South of Brazil is my destination), released by Brazil Tourism Ministry. These campaigns will be aired on main media vehicles and even promoted by Brazilian YouTubers and celebrities, disclosing southern Brazil states: Paraná, Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul. You can watch one of the campaign videos here.

The tourism potential of Santa Catarina in South of Brazil

The cultural and landscape contrasts in Santa Catarina makes the visit an experience to remember. The state has many cultural influences from other countries plus tones of Brazil style. There is no need of going too far to know new things, cause the next adventure is waiting in next km.

Tourist Routes

Santa Catarina is one of the states with the highest number of tourist destinations in Brazil, the highest one in South of Brazil. It’s 184 municipalities divided into 12 tourist routes. Check out:

Caminhos do Alto Vale

Is the newest tourist region in Santa Catarina. With valleys, canyons, and rivers, it’s a perfect place for ecotourism and adventure sports. Agritourism also has its importance represented by local food. The colonial breakfast (a typical meal in the south of Brazil) and homemade lunch are made with products grown on local farms.

Caminho dos Cânions

It is where Parque Nacional de Aparados da Serra e da Serra Geral (Aparados da Serra and Serra Geral National Park) is settled. The canyons region is well sought by ecotourists. Caminho dos Cânions extends to the coast line, with dunes and beautiful beaches. However, the highlight goes to Morro dos Conventos (Conventos Hill), one of the main tourist attractions in Santa Catarina.


Caminho dos Príncipes

Mixing history, culture, nature, coast line and rural resorts, this tourist route is the most diversified in Santa Catarina. The European culture is the main influence, with highlights for German and Italian culture. It has also influences of Hungarians, Norwegians, Polish, Swiss, Czech, Ukrainian and even the Asian culture by Japanese.

Caminhos da Fronteira

The cultural diversity is influenced by the states with which it borders, Rio Grande do Sul and Paraná, and with another country of Latin America, Argentina, with whom it is also bordering. Traditions of German immigrants, Italians and Polish is present as well. Although the region is little known in tourism, it is promising in ecotourism due to its wild nature.

Costa Verde e Mar

Costa Verde e Mar has busy cities and fishing villages, passing through beaches of emerald water perfect for dive practice. The region has quality infrastructure encompassing varied services, parks, hotels and a maritime terminal. Here is where is placed the largest thematic park of Latin America, Beto Carrero World.

Encantos do Sul

Historical cities, nature, beaches, lagoons, and thermal springs are the southern charms (Encantos do Sul means “southern charms” in Portuguese). The region is very sought for ecotourism and adventure sports enthusiasts. The coastline is the nursery of right whales that can be seen from the beaches or by boat ride. Italian and German culture influences are predominant.

Grande Florianópolis

One of the most visited regions in Santa Catarina, Grande Florianópolis is where the capital Florianópolis is located and its neighbor cities as well. The region has thermal springs, rural sceneries, beautiful beaches, dunes, rivers and lots of entertainment options. It is also where the Azorean culture had more influence in Brazil.

Grande Oeste

The rural landscape of the region is surrounded by falls and waterfalls. The main attractions are thermal springs, rural tourism, gastronomy, typical parties, and ecotourism.

Serra Catarinense

Araucaria forests, hills, canyons and waterfalls are the main components of one of the most incredible landscapes of Brazil. Although rural tourism and wine tourism are the main local tourist segments, every year the region attracts tourist cause it’s the only part of Brazil where snow falls frequently.

Vale das Águas

Water is the main attraction of this region. The thermal springs have benefits for health and Urugai river is used for boat rides and water sports. Religious tourism is also present due to local old churches and events.

Vale do Contestado

Vale do Contestado has many historical places in memory of Guerra do Contestado (Contestado War), occurred in the region between 1912 and 1916. There are other attractions such as waterfalls, valleys, and plateaus of preserved vegetation. The cultural influence came from the Austrians, Japanese, Italian and German immigrants.

Vale Europeu

The main attractions of Vale Europeu came from the German cultural heritage, Austrians, Italians, Polish and Portuguese. The region is famous because of  Oktoberfest, the largest German party in America, and by the Rota das Cervejas (Beer Route). Shopping routes, ecotourism, and rural tourism also has great relevance.

As we can see, Santa Catarina is clearly a treasure in Brazil tourism, uniting a bit of everything for each tourist profile. In the second part of this post, we will give unmissable tips of what to do in Santa Catarina. See you soon!

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