Tourism in Santa Catarina: Top 7 Santa Catarina travel ideas
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Tourism in Santa Catarina: Top 7 Santa Catarina travel ideas

Previously in Tourism in Santa Catarina: South of Brazil is my destination we showed a little of each of 12 tourist routes of Santa Catarina. Now, we put together some of our previous posts and formed the top 7 Santa Catarina travel ideas. Let’s see it!

Specialized tourism

Santa Catarina offers options for many tourist segments that attends specific needs of different people. There are many reasons to choose a destination (or destinations) on a trip. Honeymoon trip, outdoor activities, wildlife watching, relax and rest, know local culture and cuisine are some examples. Specialized tourism has been increasing among travelers who are looking for something more distinct of the traditional mass tourism.

Top 7 Santa Catarina travel ideas

Every corner of Santa Catarina has its identity and natural aspects. Therefore, the options for places, activities, and tours are many and varied. On this post, see more about Santa Catarina travel ideas!


1. Campeche Island (Ilha do Campeche)

Though Campeche Island being a preserved area and only 600 people can visit it per day, it’s one of the most visited tourist attraction in Florianópolis. Between December and February, there are daily boat departures from Campeche Beach towards Campeche Island. On this post, you can read more about the island and curiosities.

Picture: Casa da Costa Exclusive

2. Trails

Florianópolis trails connect neighborhoods and beaches, one of the main attractions for those who like outdoor activities and nature contact. Some of them are challenging, a guide and willingness are recommended, but most can be done alone and without much effort. Find out which trails to do with this post.

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3. Scuba diving

Santa Catarina it’s considered one of the best places to practice Scuba diving in Brazil. The state has beaches, coves, rocky shores and islands of crystal clear water and rich marine life. Read more about diving styles and which places in Santa Catarina are recommended.

Fotos: Santur

4. Incentive Travel

Choose a destination for an incentive travel is thinking of moments and experiences that can be provided for the winner (or winners). See 4 perfect destinations for incentive travels in Santa Catarina.

Pictures: Santur

5. Honeymoon

Love is in the air in Santa Catarina. The search for Santa Catarina to enjoy the honeymoon has been increasing and for a good reason: the paradisiacal beaches pleases busiest couples while the charming mountain ranges and rural resorts are more pleasant for those who like exclusivity. See destinations in Santa Catarina for a perfect honeymoon.

Picture: Diego Campos


6. Bike touring

Santa Catarina has 4 cycle routes among the best places of Brazil for bike tours. These routes pass through the mountain range, coastline, canyons and include cultural routes. Read more about cycle routes in Santa Catarina.

Picture: Santur

7. Adventure travels

Santa Catarina and adventure are a perfect match. The state has quality infrastructure and several options for this travel style. Water activities are sought-after, but radical tours that cross different scenarios are really interesting too. See 4 adventure activities in Santa Catarina.

Picture: Mormaii

Did you like our ideas of traveling around Santa Catarina? On next post, we’re going to talk about historical and cultural heritage in Santa Catarina. See you there!



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