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Incentive Travels in Santa Catarina


Choose the right destination for a incentive travel is essential for a successfull incentive programs. Some places offer, in addition to infrastructure, incredible natural environments and preserved cultural aspects, which helps to create memorable exeperiences. The combination of diversified culture plus possibilities to practice several outdoors activities, with quality services and infrastructure, makes Santa Catarina a ideal place to create numerous possibilities for incentive programs.

In my opinion, be remarkable is the main reason that motivate companies to use incentive travels as a way of rewarding employees and customers. More than just a vacation packages, incentive travels are produced to positively impact and to associate the company brand with the unique moments experienced by the special ones. The geetings at the airport, the surprises in the hotel room, unique experiences and impeccable services are some of the details that makes the trip memorable.

Yacht chartering, an example of incentive travel in Santa Catarina.

Santa Catarina has been a great alternative to the companies that are looking for something different from Rio de Janeiro, Salvador and Foz do Iguaçu. The excellent infrastructure and location are other positive aspects of Florianópolis, the capital of Santa Catarina, whose international airport is less than 80 minutes flight from Rio de Janeiro and 50 minutes from São Paulo.

Talking about nature, Floripa is privileged. There are more than 50 beaches from all styles, Atlantic Forest, rapids, dunes and lakes. In brief, the island has all this diversity that enables the practice of several outdoor activities. Artisanal fishing, tasting of native oysters, eco walks and practice action sports are some of activities suggested by specialists of incentive travels in Santa Catarina. The hotel chain is varied and attend the highest exigence levels of the MICE segment.

In the nearby cities, the diversity, both natural and cultural, is the trademark of this state. Traces of italian, germanic, azorean, polish and austrian culture are easily visible in architecture, economy, accent and in cuisine, but natural characteristics differ a lot from a place to another, such as the paradisiacal beaches on the coast and the magnificent canyons in the mountain range, a region that is 1500 meters above the sea level and has perfect conditions for fine wines production.

The incentive travels in Santa Catarina can be for small groups, or groups of different sizes, an incentive case with several employees of the same company. Business events seek to associate incentive travels with internal conventions at the same event, where workshops, conventions, team buiding programs and special leisure activities for employees are scheduled.

The right choice of the destination plus creativity and hiring good professionals results in the perfect match to elaborate incentive travels in Santa Catarina.

welcome to santa catarina / brazil
welcome to santa catarina / brazil