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How Incentive Trips helps to increase productivity


The productivity increases and commitment among employees are the wishes of every manager. The fellowship among people let a pleaseant atmosphere in the company that reflects in the quality of your team’s work. The commitment development is possible when you create programs of incentive trips for groups. On this incentive modality, companies offer trips and special events as a retribuition for the good performance of the team.

Companies that already adopted this measures know about the benefits of incentive trips, such as motivation, commitment and increase on productivity.

The invested resources for incentive trips always comes around.

The incentive trip is knowed as self payed investiment, whose costs are covered by the profits obtained when you reach the planned results, so, it is a investment bound to marketing budget, a motivational tool that gives mesurable results.

Who participates of a good incentive program doesn’t want to loose for no one, which encourages searching more and more for good results. Those who find out by pictures and stories, will motivate themselves to hit the company goals.

Employee satisfaction

A cash prize is more easily forgot by the awarded, but on the other hand incentive trip tends to be memorable, making the participant remembers for a long time of the good moments that was provided by the company.

Interpersonal relationships

Besides the personal satisfaction, the incentive trips for groups develope fellowship among the employees, that spend a good time together and in many cases participate in activities like team building. Activities like this, outside of job, reflects directly in the employees relationship and the performance day by day.

Ideas of incentive trips with groups

The incentive trips can be planned in several ways, according to the company objective for certain action.

It can be a prize for a small team, sometimes including a companion for each employee. It can be a leisure trip with friends, with activities, tours and exclusive options like vip area in a concert, a sailboat ride, tickets for a sport event in privileged seatings or even a dinner in a fancy restaurant. This kind of incentive trip is made to prize a sales team, for development or even for sucess of a specific project, generally the group varies from 5 to 20 members.

Some companies do general meetings, that can be annuals or biennials. The internal conventions counts with corporate activities like results presentation, products launch, workshops and lectures, but also includes fun moments like tours and theme dinners. In some cases, team building activities are added in the programming, whose dynamics work competencies like team spirit, trusting, self esteem and pro-activity, for example. In an only event, that can last between 5 and 8 days, the company can comunicate their ideas, promoting interaction among the employees, indentifying behave profiles to help in the teams formation and motivate people.

Gathering business partners, customers and franchises also add value for the companies, that is why the corporate meetings are other incentive trip modality, that has a objective reward the partners, customers and franchises who gave more results to the company. Programming events like this includes lectures with big names, result presentations, new products, mini trainings and offers networking. Exclusive events such as gala dinner and concerts, in case of small groups, a reserved space in a big concert or sport event can be organized.

Incentive Trips: Choosing the best option to the awarded!

Which is the steps for a incentive trip of success?

Know how to choose a date is paramount and consult the months with favorable weather is always good, as long as is not in the high season, because it increases the program value and decreases the number of good options for accommodations and exclusive services. Try to host the group in units without much differences in the standard. Determine in a clearly way the goals and challenges for the employees know what they will win and what they must do for this. Program the winners result for the end of the year and the trip for the first semester, so the year will star with your staff motivated. Put challenging goals, but satisfactory prizes, and this way the employee will see that every effort is valid.

To elaborate a incentive trip to remember is fundamental escape from the trivial and plan a unforgettable programming. To reach this, have in mind a pinch of creativity and the support of a specialist company in incentive trips capable to create personalized itineraries to make real the ideas of the marketing team, inside the expected budget.

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