Adventure travel in Santa Catarina: Top 4 activities
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Adventure travel in Santa Catarina: Top 4 activities

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Santa Catarina natural beauties enchant not only Brazil but worldwide. Therefore, options for adventure travel in Santa Catarina are varied, all of them providing a lot of fun and nature contact.

Adventure travel in Santa Catarina: Top 4 activities

1. Bicycle touring

Routes of bicycle touring in Santa Catarina.

Araucarias Bike Route is the most well-organized and signposted bike route in Santa Catarina. Araucarias has 250 kilometers, passing through waterfalls and by Campo Quiriri, a hill range whose highest point is 1500 meters and where it’s possible to see the sea. At the end, the cyclist can receive a certified.

Vale Europeu Bike Route is a route that passes through 9 towns of German and Italian immigration inheritance. Beginning and ending in Timbó town, it crosses other towns such as Pomerode, Indaial, Doutor Pedrinho, Rodeio, Apiúna, Ascurra, Benedito Novo and Rio dos Cedros. It’s considered the first tourist route planned for bike touring in Brazil.

Closer to Florianópolis, capital of Santa Catarina, there is Costa Verde Bike Route, the first bicycle touring route in Brazilian coast and the closest to the sea in Santa Catarina. The Costa Verde Bike Route is 270 kilometers, normal difficulty, of preserved roads, signposted and almost no ascents.

On the other hand, there is Acolhida na Colônia, a project to encourage agritourism in the rural areas of Santa Catarina. The ride is held on the slope of Serra do Tabuleiro. The route goes through the towns Rancho Queimado, Anitápolis and Santa Rosa de Lima. It’s a region known for its organic and family agriculture, numerous waterfalls, rivers and thermal spring.

2. Underwater diving

Underwater diving in Santa Catarina: Spots, places, and tips

Santa Catarina is considered one of the best places for underwater diving in Brazilian southern region. Although there are excellent spots for snorkeling – among them Campeche Island in Florianópolis and Sepultura Beach in Bombinhas – it is the scuba diving modality that has great prominence. To practice scuba diving, you must have a certified by recognized diving courses.

Most of the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve, one of the best diving spots in Brazil, is prohibited for underwater diving practice. Arvoredo Reserve is a marine conservation unit of great ecological and scientific importance that restricts public visitation. However, the southern boundary of Arvoredo Island is allowed for the activity.

3. Rafting

Vale Europeu region appears once again among options for adventure travel in Santa Catarina, presenting both rapids and quiet currents with lush landscapes on the background. Serra do Tabuleiro Park, in Santo Amaro da Imperatriz town, is also an option of clear water rivers.

4. Surf

Florianópolis fame of good waves attracts thousands of tourists not only just Brazilian but foreign as well. Some of the beaches host several national and international championships. This is the case of Mole Beach, Joaquina Beach and Santinho Beach in Florianópolis, Vila Beach in Imbituba and Ferrugem Beach in Garopaba.

For beginners, there are several beaches along the coastline of Santa Catarina that has surf schools that also offers stand-up paddle lessons.

If adventures can’t stay out of a trip of yours then Santa Catarina is the right place!

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