10 incredible places for adventure activities

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If you are looking for a place that gathers a good variety of interesting options of adventure tourism, Santa Catarina is an excellent one. This brazilian state holds beautiful landscapes, from its coastline to mountain ranges. Recommended tours for adventurers don’t lacking!

See 10 incredible places for adventure activities in Santa Catarina

1. Trail in Lagoinha do Leste

The trail leads you to Lagoinha do Leste beach, in south of Florianópolis island. It is an excellent activity option for those who wants spend a day in the nature. Besides the sea, the beach offers a warm water lagoon at the end of the path.

To reach the beach, you need to take a boat or follow for one of those paths: starting in Pantano do Sul beach (the shortest trail, but with more difficults along the way), or starting in Matadeiro beach (the longest trail but with flatest path).

2. Rappel in Cachoeira da Ressurreição

In Águas Mornas, a municipality 50,4 km far from Florianópolis, a good attraction for adventurers is the Cachoeira da Ressurreição (Ressurreição Waterfall), a waterfall with a big rocky face of 35 meters, where rappel practice is common. A cool experience for who is starting in this sport.

3. Diving on Ilha do Arvoredo

Bombinhas is a municipality known as the capital of brazilian diving. In fact, the region offers pleasant scenarios for the fans of this sport. The Ilha do Arvoredo is an excellent example. The crystal clear waters allow a great visibility of marine species, such as corals, turtles and stingrays. Bombinhas is closer to Ilha do Arvoredo (Arvoredo Island), but if you are in Florianópolis there is several dive operators that offer this tour as well.

4. Paragliding in Caminho dos Cânions

Araranguá is one of the destinations in Santa Catarina with good surprises for those who practice paragliding. The municipality is part of the tourist region Caminho dos Cânions (Ways of Canyons). Besides the beautiful landscapes provided by rock formations over millions of years, the area has some possibilites of ramps to start a flight. Two great choices are Morro dos Conventos (Conventos Hill, with 80 meters of altitude) and Morro Mãe Luzia (Mãe Luzia Hill, with 230 meters of altitude).

5. Visit to Morro da Igreja

The mountain range of Santa Catarina brings some good possibilities for those who are looking for adventure in tourism. In Urubici, for example, there is Morro da Igreja (Igreja Hill – Church Hill), and Pedra Furada (Drilled Stone). The path up the hill is worth it the visit: pretty landscapes compose the local scenario. It is worth stop for a visit in Cascata Véu de Noiva (Bridal Veil waterfall).

It is worth mentioning that the Morro da Igreja is the highest inhabited point of southern region of Brasil – more than 1800 meters of altitude. The sight of the rock formations that you can see from there is breathtaking!

6. Whale watching in Garopaba

The whale watching season goes from june until november. This season, the species come from Patagonia searching for warmer waters. Garopaba is one the regions in Santa Catarina that offers boating to watch the right whales – which often come close to the boats.

7. Off-road in Itapema

What about discover landscapes in the pretty town, Itapema, in a 4WD? This is possible thanks to the off road itineraries avaliable in the region. Off road trails, surrounded by many nature are waiting the tourist that choose do the tour in Morro dos Macacos (Monkeys Hill).

8. Tour by Serra do Rio do Rastro

A road full of curves, with about 12 km of extension, waits the tourists in Bom Jardim da Serra town. Like the other regions in Santa Catarina’s mountain range, the place visual is a spectacle. At the top of the road, almost 1500 meters of altitude, there is a scenic overlook where is possible stop to have a full sight of the Serra do Rio do Rastro. For those who are willing, it is possible go by bicyle. At the top of the road, it is possible visit the canyons on horseback or just walking. The most known are Cânion do Funil and Laranjeiras.

9. Rafting in Itajaí-Açu river

If getting down the rapids in a boat at high speed is a interesting style of tour for you, the high Itajaí valley can be the right choice for you., There is located the Itajaí-Açu river, considered one of the best places in Brasil for rafting practice. The river and its tributaries offer different levels of rapids – from class II to V.

10. Sandboarding in dunes of Joaquina

A variation of snowboard is the sandboard – sport practiced in the sand. If you are curious about the experience, the activity born in 1986 in Florianópolis. In the famous beach, Joaquina, the dunes reach 60 meters. You can use a board to go down the sand mountains in a speed of 60 km/h.

What other places you would include in this list? Leave your comments!

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